Son of Samson #3: The Maiden of Thunder

Son of Samson #3: The Maiden of Thunder (2008)
by Zondervan
160 Pages - Black and White [ Adventure / Comedy / Biblical ]

Writer - Gary Martin
Artist - Sergio Cariello

Publisher summary: Will the mighty Branan finally be beaten ... by a girl?!? When Branan agrees to wrestle Zarah, the undefeated champion of Gezer, he knows the prize money will quickly be his. But what makes this muscular girl so confident? After hours of fighting, he discovers the truthĖshe's his half sister! The joy of their meeting is cut short, however, when Hebrew youths deface a massive Philistine idol. Even with their combined strength, can the son and daughter of Samson save the Hebrew community from their enemies' anger?

Reviewer: UC Pseudonym | Contact | 20 April 2008

The third volume of Son of Samson is another episode in the same series, so it is unlikely to affect readersí opinions either way. Most things remain relatively constant, so my comments will be brief.

This is the first volume created under time constraints, but thankfully this doesnít seem to have lessened the quality. Art will be fine for some and turn away others, but theyíll most likely have made that choice in the first volume. Writing continues to be standard, if the morality is a bit shallow, and this volume is a return to form as far as humor is concerned. Sidon also returns as our primary antagonist, so one can hope he will be more integrated into future plots.

Of course, the central incident of this volume is the appearance Branenís half-sister. Iíve already mentioned how this doesnít seem to make sense in regard to the souce of Samsonís strength, so I wonít belabor the point. She, however, like many of the other characters, appears to be finished for the time being. If these characters were to return in the plot and develop more the story would be much improved.

During this part of the plot, there is a strange incident concerning Samsonís feat of 300 foxes. Mentioning it was to be expected, but the tone is unusual. Characters express doubt as to the probability of this achievement and they seem like vehicles for potential reader criticism. It ends, of course, with another abrupt realization and apology.

As in the past, there is a significant amount of bonus content, this time including another side story. Iím not sure I like this overall, but this is a better path than trying to stretch out the main story. They may be attempting to give each volume a separate plot theme, so extra content will vary according to how long that takes. As always before, Branen gets a profileÖ really, by this point I have his height and weight memorized. Still, itís not a bad use of space and it works as an overall feature for this series.

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