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(which is a mouth-full but deservingly so)

About: This is a site where I collect all my personal opinions on professionally published American-made Christian comics that are done in manga-style, or at the very least heavily influenced by it. The definition of "manga" in this case is tricky and broad, but I will simply review those labeled so by their own creators or if they have a sufficient manga-ish style. The term OEL comes from "Original English Language" and you can read about the origins of the term here. The independent opinions expressed here belong solely to me (Psycho Ann) and UC Pseudonym with no affiliation, influence, or endorsement from anyone else.

History: This started a a single entry in my personal blog reviewing the first professionally published Christian manga in the U.S. entitled Serenity #1: New Bad Girl in Town. I never really thought it through about continuing to do reviews, but it seems it wouldn't hurt (much) to try. Then I came upon the decision to move this off my blog as a separate page. This way people looking for just reviews won't be distracted by anything else.

Goals: I do not claim to provide much beyond: "I read this comic, these are my honest thoughts about it."

Note: Ann provides the more graphics oriented view while UC provides a more literary one. There may be spoilers contained within as these are more geared towards those who have read the volumes. DO NOT READ THESE REVIEWS IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE VOLUMES OR DO NOT WANT SPOILERS.

Latest Review (10/26/08)

Goofyfoot Gurl #5: Road Surf

Goofyfoot Gurl #5: Road Surf

Reviewed by Psycho Ann (pa), Reviewed by UC Pseudonym (uc)

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