Time Flyz #2: Turtle Trouble

Time Flyz #2: Turtle Trouble (2007)
by Zondervan
160 Pages - Black and White [ Action / Historical / Youth ]

Writer - Ben Avery
Artist - Adi Darda Guadiamo

Publisher summary: Dinnertime just got dangerous! Being a cyborg insect isn't so bad, except when hungry reptiles think you're on the menu. The evil spider Darchon is kidnapping history's greatest thinkers, so Laurel and the TimeFlyz race back to 1775, trying to protect Benjamin Franklin. But things get crazy when Darchon changes some turtles into fly-eating supermunchers! Can Laurel and her friends save the famous inventorĖnot to mention themselves?

Reviewer: UC Pseudonym | Contact | 2 March 2009

Given the name, I really wanted to hate this series. However, the second volume is better than the first and I need to admit it isnít a bad story for children. While nothing stands out as incredible, anyone who has thought about giving the series another chance should definitely do so.

All of this volume is framed by Slipstreamís narration, which is sparse enough that it does not interfere with the story. Given that it provides a theme and organization to the volume, this is overall a good element. The only downside is that sometimes sentences are strung out over too many action panels and feel disjointed unless read individually.

This volume contains far more super-deformed art than the previous, particularly out of proportion eyes. Individuals will probably be divided between thinking it is hilarious and stupid, but I found it to be a bit much. Even Tak gets smile-eyes at one point. More action is to be had this time around and it remains solidly done.

One of the weakest points of the series has been the feud between Wormhole and Mother Mass, which basically pits two stereotypes against one another in a heavy-handed manner. Readers will be glad to know they make a truce and this element will likely decrease. Filling the gap, Laurel makes some incredibly stupid mistakes. I suppose this can be forgiven due to her age. At least the inventors featured in the plot are smart enough to figure out issues that seem to confuse others.

For the most part this volume doesnít take advantage of younger readersí less-critical natures. I found its handling of time travel very disappointing, however. Obviously this is an unscientific issue, but the important part is to pick a logical theory and be consistent. Previously things were tolerable because it seemed that the flies didnít impact the primary time stream, but now we have them discovering the actions of their future selves and going back in time to interfere with other events (whereas they canít seem to do so whenever Darchon captures a scientist). Furthermore, why doesnít this interference change future events? You canít take out Benjamin Franklin without messing with American history.

Spiritual issues continue to be low key but in a generally moral framework. I have no problem with this, except for the matter concerning the submersible. Laurel objects rather strongly to the flies harming turtles, yet it doesnít seem so big an issue that the inventors plan to kill dozens of British soldiers. Her ethic seems solidly Christian, but against that background it feels strange indeed.

Will each volume of the series continue to improve as the second did? One can certainly hope. In any case, Time Flyz appears to be living up to and thankfully well past its name.

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